Juwata Tarakan Airport Name Will Not Be Replaced

Mayor of Tarakan: Airport Name Juwata No Need to Replace

Tarakan Borneo - Proposed change of name Juwata Tarakan airport to Airport DR Jusuf Serang Kasim proposed by the Head of Special Airport Grade 1 Juwata Tarakan, Husni Djau, surprise Mayor of Tarakan, Udin Hianggio. Because until now Udin never knew the proposal.

"I was shocked to hear a proposed name Tarakan airport suddenly would be replaced. I do not know if there are proposals would be replaced. I know there are suggestions the airport name was changed from the Provincial DPRD Kaltim," he said, the Tribune found, in his office, Monday (11/08/2010).

According to Udin, you should not need to change the airport name. This is because the name Juwata Tarakan airport has become the historical city of Tarakan. "Starting from the Japanese era name Juwata it already exists, and also anyways juwata name known to the public, so why change," he said. (*)

The Mayor will call Chief Juwata Tarakan Airport

Mayor of Tarakan, Udin Hianggio will immediately call the head of the Special Airport Grade 1 Juwata Tarakan, Husni Djau, related to the proposed change of name Juwata Tarakan airport to airport DR Joseph SK.

"I'll call Hosni to discuss the proposed change of name of this airport. Because this is not to political interests," stated the number one in this Tarakan, in his office on Monday (08/11/2010)

Udin said that in the near future, he along with City DPRD Tarakan will soon discuss and present also Husni. "We will discuss the proposed change of name of this airport. Because the proposed change of name of this airport has been heard by the DPRD Kaltim Pronvinsi. Certainly not good, if DPRD Kaltim already know this proposal, while the municipal government and the DPRD Tarakan we do not know," he said. (*)

Chairman of the DPRD Tarakan Not Know Proposed Replacement Airport Name

Proposed renaming the Tarakan Airport Juwata be Dr. Jusuf Serang Kasim Airport proposed Chief Juwata Tarakan Airport, Husni Djau, it was not known by the provincial city of Tarakan.

According to Chairman of the DPRD Tarakan, Efendhi Djuprianto, it has not received the proposal, because just returned from a visit to China. "I do not know, because recently arrived at Tarakan. But as I recall from the airport had never submitted the proposal," he said on Monday (1/11/2010).

Efendhi reveal, the proposed renaming the airport is not easy. This is because it requires several steps which must not only involve the airport, but also the entire community Tarakan.

"This proposal was also not bad. But still need to have phase-steps that we should be discussed with the community and community leaders. For that this proposal should we learn first, so I can not comment too much about it," he said. (*)

Source: TribunKaltim
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