City Government of Tarakan For 4 Port Area

TARAKAN Borneo - Tarakan City Government share four common port area, the regions and sectors which have their respective functions. As Port Tengkayu I, used as a passenger service to the fleet's departure a few areas in the North East Kalimantan. Then, Harbor Tengkayu II functioned as a port of loading and unloading of several companies.

Mayor of Tarakan Udin Hianggio explain, Port I and II are used for loading and unloading activities and the departure of the passengers, on a small scale. Then, Harbor Malundung functioned as a port of loading and unloading of containerized cargo, and departure of ships PELNI a large scale.

"Tengkayu II we plan to stevedoring companies, on a small scale and Tengkayu I designation as a transit passenger to the territory Nunukan, Malinau, Summit and Bulungan" he explained to the reporter Grass Tarakan FM on Friday afternoon, (22/10/2010) in office.

Meanwhile, Harbor Sea Ferries Juata berlabuhnya still work as a ferry boat. Currently, the ship was still serving the route Tarakan - Toli toli and vice versa. Fleet was also, capable of carrying dozens of passengers and some two-and four-wheeled vehicles.

"Harbour Ferries as usual, to transport passengers and vehicles. Then, going forward all the ports is the concentration of services, so that each port has a respective functions according to the rules "he explained. (Yoko - grass fm Tarakan)

Source: Grass FM (October 22, 2010)
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