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Borneo TARAKAN - Sticks of command leadership at the Air Base (air base) official Tarakan switching from Flight Lieutenant to Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Erwan Navigation Budi Handoyo, Friday (12/11) in Makolanud Tarakan.

Pangkoopsau II Marsma TNI R. Agus Munandar sertijab said after the ceremony, emphasizing a new commander does not have to completely change what it has been running in Lanud Tarakan.

"Usually the new officials if a commander must completely change the old policy. That's not true, "he said.

According to him, the task of the new officers would continue what has been done a long time official. Because if not forwarded, then the program has been designed will not be synergy anymore.

"Given the Tarakan Air Base is still new, I ask the new danlanud remain prioritized its development so that two or three years later can be settled (settled)," he hoped.

However, Agus does not impose limits to the new danlanud for creativity, especially in building the air base Tarakan. If taken seriously, said Agus, development in this Tarakan air base in the next two years one can certainly be completed. "The land is not flat. Road tembusnya also not finished, "he said.

For information, current development of the pass from Jl. Mulawarman towards new Makolanud completed about 80 percent. It is constrained because under the road was under construction there is content coal.

"This year we expect construction is finished," two-star general hope in this shoulder.

He explained, Lanud Tarakan residing in the border region is certainly scope to anticipate the threats that exist.

"We do not impose on the entire base to be a home base. But as a base, this base whenever necessary should be ready for war. Especially if there is a threat from outside, "he concluded.

Danlanud long Erwan Flight Lieutenant Colonel Andrews said that would be a chore for his successor is to conduct communication and approach with neighboring regions such as Pemkab Berau, Malinau, Bulungan, Summit, and Nunukan.

"That's what I have not had time to do and I will send down to the new officials," he said.

While in Tarakan, Erwan who impressed with his men near it has enough memorable experience at the time of the incident gray in Tarakan some time ago.

"Quite frankly of little problems which really huge impact. We even feel. I am told, let us create a situation conducive to the peace. If this happens then all good, "said Erwan that could accommodate the refugees for a few days at his headquarters.

After from Tarakan, Erwan will serve as a guide lecturer at the School of the Air Force Command Unit in the Prime Halim Kusuma Jakarta. For information, Erwan Andrews served as Danlanud in Tarakan during 1.2 years.

The new Tarakan Danlanud Navigation Lieutenant Colonel Budi Handoyo claims will continue the good things of the old commander, especially in the field of infrastructure development and mental development of soldiers. So the future of the soldiers to carry out their duties as a good soldier airforce.

"What I first move was to build infrastructure such a way that can be neatly organized and the members of the improved discipline. So all ready to run commands in an atmosphere of precarious in performing their duties, "said Budi.

Lanud Tarakan, he explained, is a leading Aju base which is the air base that at times are faced with disputes in other countries. For that, Lanud Tarakan expected to be ready to do battle. "Whatever the situation that requires us to fly, we are ready," said the man who served Danlanud second Tarakan.

Related makolanud development, especially the entrance facilities, according to Budi completion lived 20 percent longer. It influenced the natural factors, namely coal content in it. For that plan to the content of the coal will be dredged and will diuruk.

"God willing the end of the month is over," added Bob previously served as commander of the TNI Unity School of the Air Force Command. (Ddq)

Source: RadarTarakan (13 November 2010)
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