640 Kg Illegal Meat Destroyed at Tarakan

TARAKAN Borneo - Agricultural Quarantine Central Office Class II Tarakan related agency team destroy as much as 640 kilograms of illegal meat Allan brands from India, on Monday (11/15/2010) behind Quarantine Central Office located in Jalan Mulawarman.

Destruction of illegal meat was burned using the tools of office incenerator Tarakan Agriculture Quarantine Center. The destruction was witnessed meat from various representatives of relevant agencies, including the Office of Port Security Services (KP3), Adpel Office, Office of Customs and Excise, Immigration Office, Satpol PP, Juwata Tarakan Airport, and the Police.

Illegal meat was destroyed, confiscated from from June to October 2010, when conducted joint raids with the team. The reason meat destroyed there are four, have no health documents, not included in the agriculture ministry data, not reported to the quarantine center, and contain foot and mouth disease.

Head of Class II Institute for Agriculture Quarantine Tarakan Achmad Widodo said, is expected by the destruction of illegal meat is no deterrent effect for the owner of the meat. "We expect the owner of this meat memperjual deterrent and no longer buy or consume this meat, as they contain foot and mouth disease," he said .. (*)

Source: Tribun Kaltim (15 November 2010)
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