Tarakan City Strained Back

Tarakan Borneo - Citizen Police Go Tarakan - Kaltim BorneoTarakan - Situation City of Tarakan, Riau, on Tuesday (28 / 9), re-gripping. Tribal masses do convoy on the road with carrying various sharp weapons. A number of trees along the main street park city of Tarakan cut down as a reaction to the demands of indigenous tribal police to arrest perpetrators of resident killer.

Tensions culminated in the mass convoy going to the location where the murder at Jalan Juata Teritik. Because, in the way they were confronted by a blockade line of TNI Infantry Battalion 613 King Natural Tarakan. This was done to avoid clashes. Because, at the location where the murder was carried out talks between Chairman of the Great Peoples Tidung with the family of the perpetrator of murder.

The road in front of the TNI Headquarters 613 King Natural jams. Therefore, none of the people passed through the blockade despite the population bermungkim residents in the vicinity of the murder. TNI rifles equipped to withstand a mass convoy going to the Road Juata. The mass turned to go home even though about two hours had occurred quarrels between the mass and the TNI.

Massa returned to the main road to continue. According to them, this convoy continue, even larger amount, as long as the killing of the perpetrator is not arrested by the police. Since at 14.00 this afternoon quiet city of Tarakan back. Shops and houses in the city re-cap. While passing vehicles is dominated by vehicle convoy of security forces and tribal lines. (M. Sakir / BANG)

Source: Metro News (28 September 2010)
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