Tarakan City Silence

Tarakan Borneo - The conflict in the immigrant and native tribes in Tarakan, East Kalimantan, has subsided. However, normal activities of citizens Tarakan not like the original. A number of shops, markets and offices were still deserted. The volume of vehicles passing on the highway was not busy as usual today.

From some point of the reflected, such as traditional markets, shopping centers bustling food not visited by visitors. The vendors recognize customers who used to buy goods not come. Quiet atmosphere is also seen in the building of education in several places in the city of Tarakan though the school declared closed. However, almost all schools are operating today choose to lock the gate while going process of learning.

Residents said he did not venture out too far. Because, until now there is no guarantee a conducive atmosphere of the apparatus. Moreover, the original residents still passing by a sharp weapon. The atmosphere began to heat up again when about 500 residents return to concentrate on the Masjid Al-Muarif sue the police immediately arrested the perpetrator killing of native tribes. (M Sakir / BANG)

Source: Metro News (28 September 2010)

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