Son priority in the Reception Area in Tarakan CPNS

Tarakan Borneo - Tarakan Mayor H Udin Hianggio sure, the admissions process Candidate Civil Servants (CPNS) Tarakan City 2010, there is little difference from the previous year. One additional requirement is a priority points local son. Even so, said Udin Hianggio, does not mean acceptance of CPNS in Tarakan closed for HR (human resources) who qualified from outside the area.

"To whom shall have the priorities, but of course within reasonable limits and reasonable so as not to cause turmoil," said Udin Hianggio in his office, yesterday.

However, the ending still not the City Government of Tarakan who decides whether or not graduate. Because the selection exam results CPNS will be sent to Samarinda and examination by BKD Kaltim. "Assessment is not in Tarakan," said Udin.

To that end, the mayor hopes, the role of universities in the Tarakan area to encourage children to be able to compete with HR graduate from college-universities outside Tarakan.

"God willing, this year there will be a priority. But we're talking first with the pack of governors, "he said.

Previously, Head of Regional Personnel Agency (BKD) Tarakan City Asmuni Drs M. Ap said, according to the candidate receiving the quota formation of civil servants (CPNS) given by the State Kepegawain Agency (BKN) and the Ministry of Administrative Reform and Reformation bureaucracy (Kemen- PAN), this year the City of Tarakan get as many as 267 ration quotas. With the details; for education personnel of 120 people, health workers and the rest as much as 61 people of technical personnel as much as 86 people.

As in previous years, for the formation CPNS acceptance of this general education requirement is a minimum acceptable diploma 3 (D3). "According to the stage, now we are still awaiting confirmation from the center of BKN in this case, details of the formation that has been approved," said Asmuni to Radar Tarakan.

However, the certainty of approved formation BKN usually will not take long, after the publication of information that agreed quota of BKN. "Can a month could be more," he said.

And it is estimated, in October of this, all stages of the admissions process began participant registration CPNS test selection, it will be started by BKD. For that, BKD reminded to prospective applicants, to prepare the letters of administration required from now on.

"Completeness of administration that need to be prepared among them; SKCK (police record certificate), medical certificates, legalized diploma, certificate of domicile, and photograph," beber Asmuni.

Explained Asmuni, based on experience in conducting acceptance CPNS BKD, the most revised at the time of registration is in legalized diploma. The reason, which is attached to the diploma legalized many of which have oversight authority officials who signed it.

"One of the examples; to verified university diploma should be legalized by the rector or dean of faculty. If the academy must be the director. So no longer valid provost, dean or rector shall direct, "he explained. Previously, Asmuni said that quota Tarakan CPNS revenue decreased compared to previous years. Even so, the local government still doing preparatory stages. (Ddq)

Source: Radar Tarakan (6 OCTOBER 2010)
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