Residents in Tarakan Conflict Chronology

Tarakan Borneo - Public Relations Division, Police Headquarters released a chronology of the clashes between groups of citizens who happened at Kampung Permai Juata, Tarakan, East Kalimantan, on Tuesday (09/28/2010). These events resulted in one fatality.

Here konologi released via social networking facebook by the Public Relations Division, Police Headquarters.

Sunday on 26 September 2010 around 22.30 pm.
At the time of Abdul Rahmansyah, Citizens Ex Juanta Permai crossing in Perum Korpri Jl. Seranai III, Juata District of North Tarakan, Tarakan City, suddenly ganged up 5 (five) people are not known, so the mister Abdul Rahmansyah ditelapak injured hand. Furthermore, Mr. Abdul Rahmansyah went home to ask for help and escorted the family to Tarakan Hospital for treatment.

Monday, September 27, 2010
At around 0:30 pm, Mr. Abdullah (56), Citizens Ex Juata Permai, Parents Mr Abdul Rahmansyah and 6 (six) persons who are family of the Tribe Tidung trying to find the perpetrators pengroyokan with sharp weapons in the form of saber, machetes and spears. They went to a house suspected of being the house of one of pengroyok residence in Perum Korpri Jl Seranai III, Juata, North Tarakan Tarakan City. Residents who know that his house would be attacked immediately armed himself with a sharp weapon in the form badik and machetes. Then there was a fight between a group of Mr Abdullah (citizen Tribe Tidung) with the occupants of the house (incidentally residents Bugis Latta). As a result of Mr Abdullah had died from sabetan sharp weapon.

At 01.00 pm, in Perum Korpri Jl. Seranai III, North Tarakan, Tarakan City an attack which carried about 50 people (Citizens Tribe Tidung), armed with saber, machetes and spears. Occurs destruction of houses belonging Noodin Mr. (Citizens Bugis Letta), Citizens t 20 Ex Juata Permai, North Tarakan.

At 05.30 WITA happen again arson against a house owned by Mr. Sarifudin (Citizens Bugis Latta), Citizens Perum Korpri Jl. Ex Juata Seranai Permai Rt 20, North Tarakan. At 06.00 pm, about 50 people (Citizens Tribe Tidung) looking for Mr. Asnah (Citizens Bugis Latta), but were apprehended members of Mobile Brigade.

At 10:00 pm, the mob returned to the residence of Mr Noodin (Citizens Bugis Latta) and direct fire.

At 11:00 pm, the mob returned to destruction of 4 (four) who are at home motorcycle Noodin Br.

At 14:30 pm, the victim died of Mr Abdullah was buried in Mount Daeng district Sebengkok Ex Tarakan Tarakan City Center.

At 18:00 pm, occurred beatings of Mr. Samson Tani (Residents Bugis), Citizens Memburungan Tarakan District Rt 15 East, City of Tarakan, by persons unknown.

At 18:00 pm, personnel from the police station compound Tarakan (National Police Fri, Sat and Sun Reskrim Samapta) helped to secure crime scene.

At 20:30 o'clock pm until 22:30 pm at the North Tarakan District Head Office attended the meeting lasted untur local government as Mayor of Tarakan, Tarakan City Secretary, Dandim Tarakan, East Kalimantan Police Dirintelkam, Dansat Police Mobile Brigade East Kalimantan, East Kalimantan Wadir Criminal Police and representatives from the Tribe Bugis and Tribal Tidung.

The result of the meeting among others, agreed to see these problems as individual problems, agreed to submit the case to the applicable law, seek immediate perpetrators, the entire government and economic activities as usual, elements of society, community and religious leaders support the efforts of law enforcement , address the root causes completely, does not create a homogenous settlements, all leaders of society to its citizens to provide an understanding to refrain, and the role of government internally to clogs ethnic groups.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010
At 11:30 pm, has secured 2 (two) persons who allegedly as mister killer Abdullah. They are Baharudin alias Bahar (20), acts as penebas machetes and Badarudin aka There are (16) that acts as a helper.

Source: TribunNews (29 September 2010)
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