Myths Behind the Riots Tarakan Stud (2-Done)

Bugis Kajang Come, Commander Shane Bird

Tarakan Borneo - STORY Commander and Commander of the Bird Beetle continued to expand. Included in Nunukan. No less interesting is the story of people who associate with kesaktian Bugis Kajang.

Commander of the beetle is considered as a pioneer for help early in a conflict. If the presence of Commander of the beetles have not resolve the conflict, whether it's for a victory or to the peace agreement, the then Commander of the imported birds.

As Commander of the Beetle, Bird Commander also comes from the tribe Dayak, Central Kalimantan. Commander of the bird will come after doing meditation in a particular place. Miracle, able to incorporate the spirit to all the troops on the ground so that they are raging in the unconscious.

Outside of that awareness, swords in hand cut the throat of the people who have been determined through the ritual of the Commander of the Bird. Some even say that the sword was flying alone to find opponents who had been predetermined.

Between believing and not, magic is the dreaded Bird Commander of the citizens. Do-do is not just a myth. Lest it would happen in Tarakan. It could be also be extended to other areas, such as Samarinda and Nunukan. You see, these two regions immediately menghelat election is of course prone to conflict.

Residents also heard stories that the magic bird Commander also used in Sampit so many fall victim to the sadistic. Its properties are, the victim's neck because heads should be chopped tumbal of ritual that has been done.

"Perhaps it was just a myth. However, on the other hand, mentioned also that the Commander of the Bird's actually very wise. He's a good guy. He is elder. If there is any way of peace, the Commander of birds pick the best for the good of all.

He was a symbol of people patiently and simple. When it comes to self-esteem and humiliation and there's no other way, then down. Hence, the Commander is not just any bird down. He is very selective, "said Jaya, 78, Tidung traditional elders who daily seek seaweed.

So how about the Commander of the Bird's avert supernatural powers? An indigenous elder from South Sulawesi in Nunukan narrate the language is said. He said, magic Commander and Commander Bird Beetles occur in hundreds of years ago. That there are now living generation.

He also relates that among the Bugis Tidung and still have a blood relationship. The proof, many Bugis people who marry Tidung. And vice versa.

A member of Harmony Family of South Sulawesi, Jamil, his father and mother Bugis Makassar Tidung people. His father was one of the most respected public figures in Nunukan. Sekkab Nunukan, HZ Zainuddin also married to the Bugis.

Maybe that's why so between Bugis and Tidung always avoid bloody conflict. When there is conflict in Nunukan in 2008, there was news that a group of people from Kajang off the boat. Moments later, a group that involved conflict avoidance. Some areas in Nunukan too quiet. The bloody conflict was avoided.

Some residents in Nunukan claim often heard that the Commander of the Bird's magic never been challenged by the Bugis people who come from Kajang. This story is yet another myth nuanced. Why not, when the Commander of the Bird demonstrates its miracle, came also the magic of the Bugis Kajang.

Bugis Kajang spread the rice to the earth. Only by swinging his finger in a circular motion, thousands of rice seeds was also moved himself up to come together in a pile.

Bird commander who witnessed the scene, initially mediocre. However, when explained, that this is only an example of how the Bugis Kajang opponents are able collect scattered in the field of conflict as easily collect the rice seeds. Having collected his opponents, then easily deceived. They could not resist.

"However, the Bugis are not going to trick the people who are not helpless anymore," said Chairman of the Martial Arts College Holy Footprint Putra Muhammadiyah, Pimda 212 Nunukan district, Kaharuddin Andi Andi Tokkong, Wednesday, October 6.

University seeks to accommodate "people who initially felt good" to be fostered ruqyah. It is said, initially felt good, because many of its members that before entering this college, feel bruiser. However, when going to college and channel kejagoannya, little by little given moral guidance that will eventually be aware of its own and will not fight.

This embrace multiethnic college in Nunukan. Both the Bugis, Dayak, Tidung, as well as other tribes, such as Java and others. This strategy is used to avoid ethnic conflict in Nunukan.

Pembinanya came from Pare Pare, namely Pendekar Sukri President Saleh. Swordsman his Associate of Tidung community leaders, namely HZ Zainuddin who is also Sekkab Nunukan. Dayak and coaches from youth Tidung.

The number of cadres blue belt comprising 23 people in Nunukan multiethnic. Spreading in the four districts, namely Nunukan District, South Nunukan, Sebatik, and West Sebatik. Included are in the process in District Sembakung and Lumbis.

So if this will not be a paramilitary, paramilitary troops and whiz-whiz that could lead to conflict? "Oh, no. Not at all. We are the border. We need to defend the state reserves. The young people must have self-defense provision.'s Not just martial arts, but also akhlakul kharimah.

It's even a unifying vehicle to avoid excessive growth of tribal primordialism. Thus, it will avoid the things that trigger a horizontal conflict, "said Kaharuddin who met after Asar prayers berjemaah with its members around the training center, yesterday.

Kaharuddin who is also the historian says, that as the Bugis, Tidung also has its own history. They also live sedentary. They really do not like violence.

This can be seen from their art, namely dance Zapin (Jeppeng) which kemelayu-melayuan. There are similarities with the art Bugis. There's even a diving Bugis community dance in their culture.

If traced the history, the kingdom Tidung stand in 1551-1916, was preceded by the Royal and Ancient Tidung replaced by Tarakan. Monarchy Amiril last king is king of the sea, Rashid holds Datoe Datoe Fair.

Kingdom Tidung or also known by the name of the Kingdom of Tarakan (Kalkan / Kalka), the empire that ruled North Tidung in East Kalimantan, based in Tarakan Island and ends in Salimbatu.

Previously there were two kingdoms in this region. In addition Tidung Kingdom, there is also the Sultanate Bulungan located in Tanjung Palas. Based on existing genealogy, explained that on the East coast of the island of Tarakan, the region already exist Binalatung Tidung Ancient Empire (The Ancient Kingdom of Tidung), about AD 1076-1156.

They then moved to the West coast of the island of Tarakan, namely in the area of Tanjung Batu, about the years 1156-1216. Then shifted again, but remained in the West coast, namely the area of the river area, roughly the years 1216-1394. After that move again relatively far from the island of Tarakan, namely to the region Pimping West and the Yellow Land area, ranging from years 1394-1557.

A source explained that the history of the kingdom and the leader (king) who once ruled Tidung divided among the top few places that has now been separated into several districts.

The regions that include Bulungan (Salimbatu, Tanjung Palas Subdistrict of Central), (Malinau Kota, Malinau District), Sesayap, Tidung Tana District, (Sembakung, Nunukan District (City of Tarakan), and others down to the local Sabah ( Malaysia), the South.

This reference indicates that it has a tradition Tidung move, similar to the Bugis. Therefore, for calling the Bugis migrants and people Tidung as indigenous people, still requires in-depth review. That is why, there are anecdotes that fellow immigrants should not be in conflict.

No wonder when the myth Chief Bird with powerful people from Kajang'd choose to avoid bloody conflict. Evidence, bloody conflict in Tarakan so quickly muffled when there is also news that the Bugis ethnic group will also move to Tarakan. (*)

Source: (7 OCTOBER 2010)
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