Losses clash Tarakan USD 5 Billion

TARAKAN Borneo - not only causing casualties, the clash between two groups of residents in the Tarakan on last week also leaving material losses. Mayor of Tarakan Udin Hianggio affirm recorded material losses reached more than Rp 5 billion.

Rough calculation was based on the range value of the house that burned and destroyed the masses, including dozens of trees in road median follow uprooted. Udin said the amount does not include the economic collapse and cancellation of a number of investors to invest in the town of Tarakan.

For example, Bank Niaga Tarakan, salon and spa outlets and two shrimp purchase business premises, which should have opened this week forced to cancel his intention because it is still waiting for security to return to normal.

"Not to mention the psychological harm the child and parents, it certainly also quite large value. When clashes material and immaterial losses are very large," he said.

City Government of Tarakan is currently calculating the amount of loss due to certain figures such clashes.

Related to this, in accordance with any of the contents of the peace agreement signed by both parties, this loss will be overcome government. Municipal government and Pemprop Tarakan Tarakan Kaltim and its parliament would conduct further discussion on the turn of the loss.

"We can not indemnify a whole, but in accordance with the procedures and equipment. And that must be approved by the DPRD Tarakan. Provincial provide compensation assistance to Rp 200 million, it is estimated only for nominal operation," he said.

The need for approval of parliament is due to Tarakan, Tarakan municipal government never budgeted construction funds after the clash city. "We never budgeted funds tactical and urban construction funds like this, so we must be careful," he said. (*)

Source: TribunKaltim (October 6, 2010)
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