Four police officers from the Police Mobilized to Tarakan

Tarakan Borneo - Police from four Police were deployed to help secure the City of Tarakan, East Kalimantan, after the riots in the city. Head of Public Relations of East Kalimantan Police Commissioner Anthony Vishnu Sutirta states, the deployment of four Police personnel to anticipate the widespread unrest.

"Since this morning, the nearest police station with four personnel strength of about 500 to 600 personnel have been deployed to Tarakan to help secure there," said Anthony Sutirta Vishnu. Police, whose members were sent to Tarakan Police Malinau, Berau, Bulungan, and Police Nunukan.

In general, Sutirta said, the security situation in the town of Tarakan after clashes that killed residents of a local community leaders were still under control. "Last night was a meeting between the two warring groups facilitated by local government and also attended by community leaders, religious leaders, traditional leaders and the police and armed forces have found a deal," said Sutirta.

The deal, said Sutirta, said that both groups agreed the incident was a crime of persecution that cause other people died. In the deal, too, said Sutirta, both sides submitted the matter to the police to investigate and arrest the perpetrators. "The conflicting parties also agreed to give sense to the masses to create a situation conducive kamtibmas in Tarakan," he said.

He said police were still examining nine witnesses to investigate the motive and perpetrator persecution. Clashes between residents that triggered the death of Abdullah (50), a community leader, the Housing Juwata Permai, Sunday lmalam. On Monday afternoon, residents are angry and then set fire to two houses allegedly belonging to the perpetrators of the murder. (Ant / BANG)

Source: Metro News (28 September 2010)
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