Bags down the Post-Conflict Tarakan Riots (2-Done)

Keep the Great Mosque of Purity, Peace Messages Tidung People

WITH FIGURE Tidung. The author posing together with community leaders Tidung, signatories manuscript Peace Agreement in Tarakan, H Abdul Wahab. (PHOTOS PERSONAL DOCUMENTS)

Report: Basri (4 OCTOBER 2010)

Tarakan Borneo - TWO days I worked hard to meet the central figure Tidung. His name, H Abdul Wahab. This 65-year-old man who signed the Peace Agreement with the tribe Letta, to end the conflict in Tarakan.

Travel to the house Abdul Wahab only spent around 30 minutes from the airport Juwata, Tarakan. Not found significant obstacles in the journey. Unless, had entered a tunnel whose length ranges from half a mile.

The corridor is rather narrow. If the bus pass, one must find the space a bit wide to stop the bus while the other gives way. Both have to set the mirror so as not to rub against each other.

On the first day looking for Abdul Wahab, Friday afternoon, October 1, at 17:15 pm, my heart was excited. Especially when entering the hall with a sharp rise, many young people congregate. One of them sitting on a motorcycle which was parked on the right side of the road. He seriously plays his cell phone keypad. Not caring people who will pass.

My heart is getting worried. I'm hesitant about saying hello or any other greeting. I then remembered the teachings of parents, "Fix your breath. The blind will smile when your heart smile at him."

With a custom home, my "mappatabe" (bowing slightly with his right hand down on the right side of the thigh) while saying, "perimisi ..." I do not use diction "tabe" for fear I know if the Bugis. Understandably, a character I want to visit this newly icon conflict with Bugis Letta. Do not let their perceptions of others.

I was very relieved when the young man who sat on the left side of the road to respond. He shifts the standard bike with a smile and say, "please."

More relieved again when asked one who was fat in post ronda. I just bent a little, blue shirt man smiled pleasantly. He immediately stood up and showed the house Abdul Wahab. Unfortunately, the house in the village Kampung One Skip RT 13 RW 02 No. 24, Tarakan was locked from the outside.

Ahead of the sunset, I chose to work Radar Tarakan (DAWN Group). I tried asking friends Tidung reporters about the character of people. "People were friendly-friendly Tidung, Mas. They were patient-patient," said Miss Annie covering events of the old town when I was a reporter.

I am even more confident to be able to talk more closely with Abdul Wahab. Are now looking for moments when and where I should meet. I chose to stay with the "headquarters", the Great Mosque of Al-Ma'arif on Jl KH Agussalim No. 1, Village Selumit, Central Tarakan Subdistrict.

The mosque is a place Musabaqah Tilawatil Quran VIII 2010 in Tarakan, on this last week, many people who claim to still traumatized by the surrounding. This occurred in respect of a murder case that sparked riots. In the mosque is a place of worship majority Tidung.

In this mosque also the many families of the late Abdullah bin Salim H worship. H Abdullah Salim died on Sunday, September 26, 2010 at the Village Juata Permai due to dispute that sparked riots in several places in Tarakan.

Saturday afternoon, 2 October, the momentum that was coming. I chose the noon prayers at the mosque. Because the experience of yesterday afternoon when residents Tidung get the friendly, plus the story was about patience Mbak Ani Tidung citizens, so I stepped into the mosque area.

I'm trying to forget the story of people who are still reluctant to pass in the vicinity of the mosque because of the trauma of the murder that triggered rioting. Moreover, there are socialization peace deal earlier in the mosque, so I was more optimistic.

Again, one resident Tidung smile I get when going to open a shoe on the stairs of the mosque. He was pulled beard. Through the mirror in front of him, he saw me coming. He turned. I was a little bent, he was smiling.

Which makes me a little hesitant because it uses the attributes of Makassar (clothes DAWN). However, all doubts were gone when I greet someone. The figure is so high. I do not have time to estimate how many centimeters in height. Clearly, if both feet, my head only reached his armpits. He was the H Abdul Wahab.

To start a conversation, I shook as she took photos together. I embrace the rear. He also holds more closely. I then remembered the "magic" of a camera. Although these small cameras, but I was a little long set in front of the figure's face is rather thin. He smiled after a while just push the camera button.

I was deliberately doing it as therapy. The camera can make someone down the proud. In fact, without doing it, H Abdul Wahab definitely too friendly. In addition because he Tidung residents, also because it's not a thug.

I begin by expressing concern for the hearts of a disaster. I side with all who are forced to grieve. Indeed, no opponent in the humanitarian perspective. Humans only one. Which differ only way. Moreover, the case of citizens of this Tarakan involving brothers, a fellow Muslim.

Abdul Wahab did not say much. Again and again closed his eyes. His expression was little changed; tense. It seems to hold back tears. He then said, "We all regret this incident." He did not clarify the unfortunate incident. He rubbed his eyes.

Still so thick that dikenangnya perisitiwa. He was a close family of the late Abdullah bin Salim H. However, it also revealed the greatness of his heart when he said, "To my children, to my brothers and sisters, do not act against the law because the incidents are just pure criminals. This unusual event, only involving unscrupulous people Tidung Letta with unscrupulous people."

Abdul Wahab further statement confirming this figure as a public figure. Nothing wrong if he was asked to sign the Peace Agreement in Tarakan manuscript. Nothing wrong too when he carried off to some conflict-prone regions to disseminate the results of these peace agreements.

After all, in the coming days, both in the vicinity of this mosque, and at Tarakan in general, peace is something that is a hope shared tribal.

Not one of all, if in the vicinity of the Great Mosque rung on display a simple inscription, which reads, "Keep the sanctity of this mosque!" And, thus, staining terebut Peace Agreement, means the sanctity of the Great Mosque of Tarakan, too smudged. (*)

Source: (04 OCTOBER 2010)
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