Bags down the Post-Conflict Tarakan Riots (1)

Still Worried, Not Continuing Marriage

Unrest in Tarakan left a lot of stories. Sad story still continues with worries about unrest aftershocks.

Report: Basri (03 OCTOBER 2010)

Morning yesterday, unlike the previous days. The atmosphere in the region at 07.30 Beringin on it completely alert. Pair of eyes staring at every person must pass. Understandably, this region is inhabited Tidung citizens and immigrants from South Sulawesi. While the conflict in the last week involving Tidung and some people from South Sulawesi, the Bugis Letta.

Upon hearing that both sides are peaceful, residents in the area of Banyan began relief, especially those who have been evacuated to a Navy family. Not only citizens who fled from South Sulawesi, but also citizens Tidung. Those who fled in two days, until yesterday had returned all of the homes. Whether they live in Banyan, or elsewhere.

The most recent came from Nunukan yesterday. They are to Nunukan, actually came from South Sulawesi, with the aim of Tarakan. However, when I heard the unrest in Tarakan, direct them to Nunukan. Those who join the thousands of refugees are accommodated in the tents which facilitated Pemkab Nunukan.

Life under a tent for two nights is over. Then still tenangkah them upon arrival in Tarakan yesterday it? "We are still wary. Do not let this day is safe because it came Chief of Police, but the following days, we do not know," she said just pick up balls Asia that eight families newly arrived in the port of Nunukan.

Some residents who met in South Sulawesi Banyan also still worried. Especially mothers. Their reasons, as the main perpetrators of the murder has not been arrested. Until last night, after sunset, so many have closed their doors shut.

They still restrict children's activity outside the home. Especially at night. What they worry about is not to get revenge-old grudges that are not directly related to cases of murder, but an excuse to attack or wreak revenge.

"They like the potential it is okay to have advance planning, or there are targets of their goals. They are just waiting for the momentum of the occurrence of friction. If such a scenario happens, then the disputes would be greater. This is what we worry about," said Nan families who disband his son's wedding on Tuesday night because there are groups that suggest dissolved when disputes occur not far from the party.

At night pacci (tudampenni) is, is celebrated with traditional rituals Bugis. Guests began to arrive. However, when the commotion going on around the party, the guests who were rushed to finish eating his food. Who had not eaten, was forced to cancel eat tudampenni menu. While the ritual mappacci discontinued.

The planned ceremony took place the next day, had to be postponed. They chose the camps. Family H Mustahing who yesterday returned from the refugee was forced to reschedule the party. Especially the pending marriage ceremony. Good day so long planned, it turns out "violent day" in Tarakan.

Anxiety among them, making the family Mustahing hesitate to set reschedule the party and ceremony. Anxiety is triggered also by where they lived near the Dayaks Market. In addition to people of South Sulawesi, this market is also crowded with the Dayak people and Tidung.
This market is located on the seafront. Many traders who settled in the vicinity of the market. Therefore, residents were comprised of sailors and merchants on the mainland. Those who go to sea is Tidung, while the citizens of South Sulawesi, Dayak Market trading in the region.

Market Dayak Dayak tribe named who pioneered the trade in the Village Selumit Beach, Middle Tarakan Subdistrict. In addition to the Dayak tribes who began to trade, they also initially that dominate the market. However, over time, diminishing the Dayak tribe. Immigrants Sulsel replace their position. Until now, most of the people of South Sulawesi. Over 70 per cent. The rest, Tidung and Dayak.

Tidung increasingly desperate. Many who sell land to settlers. High-rise houses built in the immigrant population. In contrast, residents Tidung and Dayaks just build type 21 or 36. The other, choosing cheaper land outside the city. Livelihoods as fish in the sea search continues dilakoni. At sea too, the gap persists. Immigrant population using motorized boats, while residents Tidung just boats.

Social inequalities not only take place on land, but also in the sea. "This is a potential conflict semualah in Tarakan," said H Beddua Asse who was 30 years old living in the Middle Tarakan.

Bugis community leaders recognize that the potential for conflict was indeed long been felt. Fear riots follow-up, also not denied. However, it can be resolved when the security guards still intensive approach and custody.

In conflict-prone areas Beringin that, until last night, still on guard security officer of Infantry Battalion 613 military personnel King Nature. They seemed more relaxed. Some of them even mingling with residents while grilled fish. Other colleagues should still be on guard.

Chairman KKSS, Ince Rivai, cautioned residents not to worry. If there is concern about security conditions are not yet fully recovered, he said it's perfectly natural because of the trauma of residents.

"I'm sure things will soon return to normal. We believe in the forces who has taken various approaches to community leaders. Including the headman and subdistrict heads the incentive to socialize," said Ince, last night.

Ince also promised to carry out activities involving all citizens. The goal, to tighten the relationship between diverse cultures. Of course including the culture that had not been forced to establish a continuation of wedding delayed due to riots. They need a guarantee not to worry. (*)

Source: (03 OCTOBER 2010)
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