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Bara is Not Cold Right
From: Danan Jaya (

We say thank you as much as possible to the government officials who managed to reduce last month's riots in Tarakan quickly. The riots have only run 3 days and hopefully this out this Tarakan not become hot news on TV anymore.

However, we still need to be alert and do not pay attention when there is news that no clear origin. Provocation had occurred a week since the peace with the graffiti-graffiti blood use in the home pack in Selumit Wahab. Streaks of blood that had sparked residents to prepare for war again. Actors such inducement reportedly been arrested and the blood used was chicken blood. After that there's more variety of other news that could be reignited the mass anger that has been cooled it. The news comes just still continues to this day. Fortunately so far successfully muted.

Bara was really cold yet, and it seems there are still those who can not accept the situation and still hold grudges. People who have not received it tried to provoke unrest continues to happen again. I think it becomes our duty together to try to lure the-teaser that does not work, thanks if the individual that tried to lure turbidity can be caught.

So hope all of us, hopefully Tarakan really secure peace as before.

PS: I avoid the term provocation, because the term is a foreign word.

Build Suggestions
From: jason Garcia (

Indeed the situation peaceful, safe, and quiet that we all dream. if there are local government officials, officers and teman2 it can to provide direct aspiration of the government town of Tarakan saran2 please inform me:

1. System / corporate governance should be evenly and firmly.
For example: Port SDF and Malundung.
There used to be the provision of tariff barang2 raised by the workers. The authorities must be firm. if the radar Tarakan want a survey, can know the level of user satisfaction and the port of SDF buruh2 Malundung (I think it good to be known by the public). as well as taxi and motorcycle taxi, arranged according to numerical order, so do not fight for passengers.

2. Management of human resources.
The city government should seek to assist local communities to progress together. It is inevitable, that the progress of a region because the information and insights from the smart and intelligent people from outside the area. if orang2 from outside are not able to provide transformation of science, it is proper city government to help communities in the region to move forward together.

3. Safety and Inspection ...?
There rekan2 ever to Malaysia ...? What if we want to enter the area Sabah Sarawak region. Passport examination and given a time limit to visit. Can Do Tarakan implement such a system ...? Sea ports and air as the main route of transportation. data of all persons from outside the area, where they live, who are responsible for them in Tarakan, what their goals, and how long they visit. Ask the assertiveness of community and social paguyuban2 to register their members. Razia ID card and resident outside the area ...

4. Local Regulations.
How much revenue the town of Tarakan of alcoholic beverages ...? is comparable with the effects of these drinks ..?
how the regulations on the circulation of alcohol ..? what is not better every buyer and seller of alcohol is also being recorded ...?

5. Who criminals and crimes that have been caught ..? what penalties have been imposed by the court ...? still unknown by the public. when the suspect has been set. I think it needs to process fast for this settlement.

Similarly, brief advice from me ... anyone wants to add ...?

kata2 apologize if there are less pleased ....

Citizen Response Tarakan

From: (

Tarakan was safe ....
The spirit !!!!!

Mas jason, you are my suggestions to convey to the editorial radar teman2 Tarakan. U to the city government, if I see ya later ma pak wali. Thanks ya.

From: (

safe, comfortable, quiet, peace is the hope and dreams are coveted by everyone who has parents, siblings and friends, and god created man differently is to know each other ... so let fellow colleagues who are here the same as keeping watch and who are comfortable managing the condition becomes more comfortable ..... do not be influenced by issues or gossip that not clear, if listened to that like it see that celebritis gossip ... he he he wrote his mbak anny ..... tul

Source: (13 and 14 October, 2010)
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