Charity Coast and Sea Going So Juata Recreation Center

TARAKAN Borneo - Department of Culture, Tourism, Youth and Sports (Disbudparora) Tarakan City began this year (2010, Red) will gradually make the arrangement in some coastal areas Tarakan become a tourism area.

Starting from the old Charity Coast to continue the arrangement which are in the process of reclamation until Juata Sea area adjacent to the ferry port.

It said the Head of Disbudparora Muhammad Idrus, for Charity Old Beach area, next to 2011 is planned to be a tourist area similar water game water boom, with planning area of 2.7 kilometers. With a budget allocation from the government since last year for the supply of land of about USD 20 billion.

"But still there are problems of land acquisition. Ready new 3 hectares, and in other disputes. Between citizens of Charity with outside parties Tarakan unfinished. But in principle, the people agreed exempt but still must be resolved internally, "explained M. Idrus.

Former Head of Governance is also mentioned, because the area was considered quite integreted Charity into a family recreation area, on an ongoing basis other locations such as the Natural orchid garden will be used also with the availability of garden insects and bird parks.

"Not only that, vacant land in the area of the University of Borneo Tarakan (UBT), we have to say in musrembang, will be dipagar. Used to be ecotourism region, "he explained to Radar Tarakan.

Regions ecotourism is going inhabited by the deer and other animals. Therefore, besides being the object of family tourism, could become a vehicle for a kind of educational research and learning in school children. "We're actively exploring the potential of tourism-jealous in Tarakan. In addition to contributing to regional income, towing investors as well. So the plan for the area along the road trying to do our charity was supported by other attractions. Not only the beach, "he explained.

The condition of the northern coast of Tarakan area that is Juata Sea was planned to be transformed by Disbudparora as a tourism area. Because excellence Juata Sea area where people can enjoy the sunset (sunset), as in Kuta Bali. As a complement to sunrise (sunrise) from the Coast Charity.

"We've reviewed the site, will be laid out in Juata Sea tourist area, exactly in between the Harbour Ferry and Polairud. Kan no empty space there, open space will be offshore. It could be a complementary tourist attraction after the area east of Tarakan, "he concluded. (DTA)

Source: Radar Tarakan (July 3, 2010)
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