At Tarakan, Commission II of DPR Welcomed Fresh Meal Ritual

TARAKAN Borneo - Arrivals House of Representatives Commission II team to Tarakan, related to the acceleration of the formation of the Province of North Borneo (Kaltara), Friday (9/24/2010) was greeted by hundreds of residents of Tarakan.

Starting from the Airport to the Port of Tarakan Juwata Tengkayu, the group led by Jufri was greeted enthusiastically community. Once down the stairs Mandala plane, the group welcomed the ritual meal of fresh, dance jepen, and tambourine.

Once the entourage out of the airport VIP room, immediately greeted reog Ponorogo featured attraction Pakuwaja community. Then the entourage who use the bus to the Port City Government of Tarakan Tengkayu accompanied by 28 motorgede and dozens of other two-wheeled vehicles.

While along the road that passed through the group ranging from Jl Jl Yos Sudarso Mulawarman and gathered hundreds of people. From the airport gate seen hundreds of public transportation parking at the edges of the road by installing banners that read Kaltara Yes.

Also seen hundreds of elementary students to bring red and white flag and banners supporting the formation Kaltara Province. They shouted Kaltara Yes, Kaltara Yes. Similarly, at the crossroad of THM have dozens of members of the Islamic Students Association (HMI), who also supports Kaltara Province.

Commission II of DPR team leader, Jufri, stating very moved by remarks by residents of Tarakan to support the acceleration of the Province Kaltara. "What is clear, we will mengakomodiasi public's willingness to support the acceleration of Kaltara Province," he said. (*)

Source: TribunKaltim (24 September 2010)
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