At Tarakan, Commission II of DPR RI So Kaltara Heroes

TARAKAN Borneo - Hundreds of people from various elements, welcomed the arrival of members of Commission II of the House of Representatives who visited the city of Tarakan. Starting from the element of officials, students, students from elementary to the appearance of various art performances. They welcomed the fighter division of North Kalimantan Province (Kaltara).

A resident Ikhsan said the expansion will Kaltara is set in stone and must be fought. Very reasonable if done great reception, because the hero must be respected and appreciated.

"We are willing in time to the street, to welcome them the teams and fighters Kaltara, because I'm sure if Kaltara formed, will bear prosperity for the region" he explained on this media.

Meanwhile, the welcoming committee coordinator Hairin Madjid said. Reception was done, to give encouragement to members of Parliament, about the full support of the community.

"This is encouraging for those who will fight for the expansion Kaltara, they are heroes and we do welcome reasonable" he told reporters earlier the Tarakan FM Grass Friday afternoon, (09/24/2010) at the port of the Tarakan tengkayu a momentary lead the team towards Bulungan .

In addition, hundreds of public transport is also seen lining up right in front of Tarakan airport, they welcomed the arrival of two House of Representatives Commission entourage.

"Yes we welcome them, so Tarakan so the Capital" he said innocently.

After arriving at the airport Juata Tarakan, the troupe members of two House of Representatives of the Commission, directly to the Port of Tengkayu 1 Tarakan, for contrary to the district Bulungan. On the way, toward Tengkayu 1 Tarakan, see the kids march chanted Kaltara expansion, when the group passed. (Yoko - grass fm Tarakan)

Source: GrassFM
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