Can Tarakan Adipura Again

Tarakan Borneo - For the fourth time, Tarakan received the gift of clean city trophy. This proves that the whole community can maintain Tarakan Tarakan image as a clean city.

Adipura Cup this plan will be submitted to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono Tarakan Mayor Hianggio H Udin, in state court Tuesday (8 / 6) today. "This form of evaluation of our overall performance assessment. Not only governments, but all stakeholders in the development context, "said Secretary of the City of Tarakan Drs H Badrun MSI, yesterday.

Badrun be said, many of the greatest role in increasing this cleaning service in Tarakan. Starting the general public, religious leaders, military and police, civil servants and all stakeholders. Radar Tarakan including the mass media (Kaltim Post Group) with a green and clean program that is considered sufficient to contribute to building a clean environment in the community so that every corner of the town into the net.

"Programs that build the basic philosophy, mainset, attitude of society to behave in a consistently healthy. That we unknowingly create environmental conditions will wake up and realized without having to be directed, "said Badrun.

To clean city, it is clear Badrun, City of Tarakan in general get a reasonable assessment. Still, there are still some objects that need to be a concern, especially in certain areas becomes public facilities, the drainage is not perfect.

Like the community center is inadequate waste management. For example at some point the market, the government must be extra hard, so that such market conditions since the beginning of what we dream can be achieved. That is protected from contamination, pollution and waste piles of garbage.

Including matters relating to the management of waste in the landfill Aki Babu. "It's also become a serious concern, with the hope of this landfill as a form of waste management at the end of the run seriously," he said. (Ddq)

KaltimPost (June 8, 2010)

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