Berau and Tarakan Reach Champion

Gebyar Domestic Tourism 2010

Borneo - Tarakan Berau again incised and achievements. This time the successful stand Tarakan champion hopes to get one at the exhibition and cultural tourism Gebyar archipelago in 2010 at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) last night. To note, this event followed by 110 cities of 26 provinces. While more yahud Berau longer stand by itself as a champion crowned second at the district level.

Molly Prabawaty, one of the jury at the exhibition that was held from 27 to May 30 said the booth for the category winner, Tarakan is one of the best from six other cities in Indonesia. "For this year's category winners stand kateori divided into three categories namely provincial, district and city level, which each won one through three and reigning champions hope of one to three championship hopes," explained Molly.

Head of Marketing and Tourism Department of Tourism Culture Youth and Sports Tarakan Asnawi admit, this year is the second time the exhibition Gebyar Tarakan follow. And this is also the first time won. "But essentially we follow this exhibition is not merely to reach the championship, but how to promote tourism to the town of Tarakan Archipelago. Alhamdulillah with the readiness of early mature and experience from last year's result was not in vain. Thus achieve the best, "said Asnawi.

For their dedication and achievements of the town of Tarakan, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of RI to give awards to Tarakan in the form of awards and trophies plaque that reads Gebyar Exhibition and Cultural Nusantara 2010.

In general, added Molly, criteria Gebyar champions stand at the exhibition this year and domestic tourism, which is assessed on the look and design of the booth. Then the presentation of material about the potential of tourism and hospitality in providing information to visitors and booth cleaning. "Point-point was achieved by participants either on a stand and won the best dance performance taken on the basis of the determination of the jury who are members of the PT Wahyu Promo Citra, Stand contractors, visitors and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism," said Molly told reporters. Moreover, in the category champions stand this year, representatives of other East Kalimantan, for the District of Berau Regency achieved by the predicate as a champion two of the 140 districts participated. (Sur)

Source: RadarTarakan (May 31, 2010)

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