Cheap Houses for Civil Servants Prepared Tarakan

Type 55 Price USD 55 Million, 15-year Samapai Credit

Tarakan Borneo - Tarakan City Government will conduct socialization to civil servants (PNS) and candidates for public (civil servant) who are interested to have a house in the location of employee housing currently being built in North Tarakan area. "The data already available and registration will be done at the same time socializing the terms and conditions must be fulfilled employees," said Assistant II City Government of Tarakan Sopian Raga to the media.

Problems big and installments, it can not be determined city government. However, to obtain these houses, civil servants can apply for loan contract. Time settlement of loans is quite mild, ranging from 10 to 15-year term. "Socialization will be carried out in the near future, at the latest May Socialization done gradually, "he said.

For the first phase, construction of housing civil servants will be working on the house at least 500 employees. "The end of the year 2011 when he finished all that has been completed can be occupied," he said. Civil servants will receive this house are those who meet the requirements. The main requirements are listed as City Government of Tarakan PNS.

Then do not already have a house and a number of other requirements. "We expect civil servants who do not have a home. If you've ever taken housing loans through bapertarum certainly already have a house, namely the housing Korpri Juwata, "he said. In accordance with the standards established by the Ministry of Housing, house prices are per unit is USD 55 million after receiving a subsidy from the government, with type 55.

Meanwhile, land area 10x18 meters or 180 square meters total. All the same house its range, but there is still an empty space to be developed. Credit payment system can be done in various ways. Good cooperation with the tripartite, banks, developers and city government itself. "Details will be explained later when socializing," he said.

So what should be civil servants who receive these houses? "Not a word must, but there are conditions," said Sopian. Please note, the number of civil servants in the Tarakan nearly 4000 while 500 new houses built, and plans 1,500 homes will be built. To accommodate the interests of civil servants, the government will make proper rules. (Ddq / kpnn)

Source: KaltimPost (May 19, 2010)

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