Tourism Potential of the Tarakan to Offer Investors

Governor Ready to Be Sales

Tarakan Borneo - Mayor of Tarakan H Udin Hianggio hope, on budget changes (APBD-P) Kaltim the possibility of legalized middle of this year, no funding for development projects in the City of Tarakan. Section, several government projects which are carried out, had been halted due to insufficient budget again.

"Hopefully it can be assisted. Because there are several other projects such as the ring road, and construction of hospitals Kaltim not yet complete, "said Udin Hianggio in front of the Governor of East Kalimantan Faroek Ishak Awang, during a visit to Tarakan some time ago.

It is said Udin, to support the application and disbursement of budget changes in this East Kalimantan, some time before City Government of Tarakan has also been reported to the Commission II and Commission IV DPRD Kaltim. Mainly associated development Tarakan Hospital.

"We hope that at least in 2011 can be executed. We are always ready to coordinate with the governor and the DPRD Kaltim for this, "he explained.

Responding to the desire of this City Government of Tarakan, Awang Farouk claimed potentials owned Tarakan City must be supported by the provincial government, especially for Charity Beach seawall.

"Why is the provincial support, because it has always been very famous Coast Charity. As a child I used to play here, "said Awang who had attended public school in Tarakan in 1959-1961. "The potential of this great along with the Tarakan as a tourism destination," he added.

Therefore, continued the governor, all the infrastructure that could attract tourists, should be prepared with the best. "Moreover, this is the main gateway for the North region," said Awang.

According to Awang, people come to Tarakan because there is an interesting place to visit in this city. Although Tarakan better known as a transit port for the other districts in the vicinity. Or as access to Malaysia through Nunukan.

"With this object, will certainly attract people to come here (Tarakan, Ed.). Let's fix this Tarakan and provincial governments would be supportive. As long as they carried out with good planning, "the governor a message.

Explained the governor, the concept of development in this Charity Beach, should not be half-half. If necessary in the location of this Charity Beach hotels built along the coast. "That would all be handled professionally," said the governor warned.

Kaltim, connect Awang Farouk, is currently developing the PPP (Public Private Partnership). "We will cooperate with national private parties (investors), and even internationally to come to Tarakan. I am ready to facilitate and I am ready to become his salesman Tarakan, "he said.

Why should a salesman? "Because of the potential of this kind if there is no salesman was useless, no one will glance. Especially here with crab sauce, famous for his culinary tourism. I also suggested that there could be tourism, conventions, "he said.

If good marketing and promotion, continued the governor again, surely people will come to Tarakan. Good just to visit, to international seminars held in Tarakan. "I'm sure Tarakan will become a thriving tourist destination," confident. (Ddq)

Source: KaltimPost (March 12, 2010)
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