Tarakan Legalkan Seaweed Cultivation

Tarakan Borneo - Soon, the team led by the field identification of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DKP) Tarakan and involve a number of personnel from several related SKPD like the Regional Development Planning Board (Bappeda) and others, will conduct field reviews, following research-related data verification making efforts zoning seaweed farming in several villages in Tarakan.

This is the main activity of other DKP efforts, namely the preparation of the Regulation of Mayors (Perwali) Tarakan on Zoning Seaweed Cultivation in Coastal City of Tarakan. Firmannoor, Head of Aquaculture and Capture Fisheries DKP perwali Tarakan in compiling these states, it also has held a coordination meeting with the District, village of farmers involved and to discuss this issue. "Hopefully, there's no problem in the field after perwali prepared," he said.

Zoning Tarakan seaweed in the waters, the plan will be determined in 4 villages namely Juwata Sea, Mamburungan, Lingkas Reef Edge and Hope (Sadau Island). "This Perwali, the estuary is to legalize the cultivation of seaweed by the pembudidayanya thus more secure in trying because it has no legal umbrella," said Firmannoor again.

That is, seaweed farming activities in Tarakan has long existed but there is no rule of law that regulate these activities. Consequently, it is difficult once exposed to the public. This effort, said Firmannoor an alternative to the fishermen fishing effort in Tarakan when to stop fishing. "Seaweed is commonly cultivated seaweed cultivated in the pond or Gracilaria Sp. The price is slightly lower with seaweed cultivated in the waters or euchema cottonii, "he explained.

Problem prospects, seaweed cultivated in Tarakan pretty good because of good marketing support with an attractive price. "Currently there pembudidayanya several groups, with a membership of hundreds of people," he said. (Urgently Required)

Source: KaltimPost (February 26, 2010)
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