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Hygiene Assessment Early Stage sag

Tarakan Borneo - Based on the assessment conducted by an internal assessment team Adipura Tarakan town of Environmental Management Agency (BPLH), assessment of stage 1 or P1 Tarakan for the year 2009-2010 decreased by point, to 69.53. This decrease was reasonable, given the general condition of the city and the awareness of citizens to maintain the cleanliness of decline.

"Its value sag. Evaluations, from SKPD, schools and management Tenguyun Market and Gusher, "explained Assistant I field Governance Fate MAP Drs.

Evaluation begins with the exposure value of coordination meetings initiated P1 BPLH Tarakan, yesterday. In it pursued a number of steps to memperbaki flaws and weaknesses that contribute jebloknya Adipura points P1 Tarakan city.

"There will be a clear division of tasks, especially to perform monitoring, working at places that were considered to reduce Adipura points in P2. So, it is clear who is handling what, no need to show them to show, "he said.

Certainly, Office Cleaning, Gardening and Cemetery (DKPP) Tarakan be actively pursued to transport residents who dumped trash in places that have been provided. But, still need the following citizen awareness of government to realize its cooperation with the town of Tarakan as Clean, Safe, Beautiful, Healthy and Prosperous (BAIS).

"Sub-district and village chief, we were instructed to monitor the environment around each morning. If there is a dirty, immediately followed up and cleaned, "he said.

From these meetings, is also known that there are some critical points that deserve attention. Among them, the shade and the process of sorting waste at one of SKPD. Then the value of shade, beauty and cleanliness of the Market Tenguyun Gusher and also a number of schools in Tarakan.

CLEAN spatula

Mulawarman spatula, which has been the point of watching is one contributor points for assessment Adipura it could become "nurseries of water hyacinth." But, yesterday initiated a number of workers began to clean the spatula DPU Tarakan from water hyacinth and other debris.

"It's followed up by the DPU, possibly today (yesterday, Red) or tomorrow (today, Red) will be completed. To speed up the cleaning process, DPU will reduce heavy equipment, "said Fate while ensuring that hard work is required because of Tarakan Adipura target reached the fourth time with a much higher points than the previous points. (Urgently Required)

Source: KaltimPost (February 25, 2010)
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