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Tarakan Borneo - Juwata Tarakan Airport as the only international airport, a special 1st class in the north continue to clean up East Kalimantan. Yesterday (2 / 3), shortly after landing at the airport Juwata, Deputy Mayor (Vice Mayor) Tarakan airport accompanied by the head Suhardjo Trianto Juwata H. Husni Djau SE MM could review some existing facilities. Like VIP, VVIP room (lounge), airport departure terminal and office building.

According Suhardjo, with a fairly rapid progress of construction at the Airport Juwata, did not rule out the biggest airport in northern East Kalimantan will become an icon in Kaltara, even at the Kaltim. "I believe the future of this airport will be better," said Vice Mayor Suhardjo Trianto.

Regarding status of the special 1st class international airport that carried Juwata Airport today, according Suhardjo necessary adjustments to their status as an international airport.

"The name of international airport at him definitely out of the country, there are at least minimum standards, especially in terms of service," said Suhardjo.

But the important thing now, Vice Mayor continued, is how the municipal government with the Department of Transportation can provide the best possible service to the community that uses air flight services. To support the rapid development in the Airport Juwata, Suhardjo ensure the city government through the city budget will support its development.

"Certainly there is support from local government, both in form and morale budget to support the development of the airport," he said.

One of the airport infrastructure development that will be supported through the development budget is a cargo terminal. "Exactly when can a cargo terminal was built of local government. Meanwhile, for the construction of runway, apron and passenger terminal were charged to the State Budget through the Department of Transportation because the vertical institutions, "he said.

Responding to this, Head of Airport Juwata H. Djau Husni says, to support the airport Juwata become an international airport, in addition to development in the field of physical and infrastructure, Juwata Airport also continued to complement the capabilities of its human resources.

"We're trying to do the next three years we increase their performance," Husni said yesterday.

The first concern is how to Husni Djau Juwata this airport will be cleaner than ever. "After we clean or upgrade to a beautiful green," he said.

According to Husni Djau, Juwata development at the Airport was not anything because there is still much to be done revamping. "God willing in the near term there is a path we've Malaysia Airlines flights that will fly over the Tarakan-Tawau-Sandakan until Kinabalu," said Husni. With hope, the flight route from Tarakan to Malaysia this could open lines of other international airlines. "If you have been to Malaysia, would be to continue the flight to Singapore or other countries," proud. (Ddq)

Source: Radar Tarakan (March 3, 2010)
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