Malaysia Airlines Flight Scheduled Week Four Times

Tarakan Borneo - Soon, flights between Tarakan-Tawau airport could be served in Juwata, Tarakan. Head Juwata Tarakan Airport Djau H Husni claimed, some time ago visited the Cathay Pacific airline. The arrival of the flight management neighbors are none other than to explore a plan of cooperation the two countries, especially to reopen the flight path of Tarakan-Tawau (Malaysia), which had lost several years ago.

"The plan they will operate with the type of ATR 72 aircraft with a passenger capacity of over 70 persons," said Husni Djau told reporters. It says Husni, according to the initial conversation the two sides, which initiated the beginning of the route is Tarakan-Tawau-Kota Kinabalu. Of the three airports, the journey can continue to various cities in Malaysia. "That is, if we can reach out and Kinabalu Tawau, then we can easily continue the flight to Kuala Lumpur and even Singapore (via Tawau, Ed.)," Said Husni.

Problem ticket prices, indeed there is no agreement price. However, the airport chief predicts, the price offered will be cheaper for using Malaysia Airlines fleet. "Next week, we returned the manager will coordinate with the airport in Tawau to prepare everything. Including immigration, customs and quarantine, "said Husni again.

It says Husni, interest parties to serve Malaysia Airlines flights to Tarakan route, others are not is because the facilities and classes at the airport Juwata which continued to increase to a special first class international airport. "Indeed, we think, whose name the international airport at least should be supported by some international flights. God bless you with safety and security which we have to improve, supported by a very adequate infrastructure, Malaysia Airlines began to be interested, "he said.

For this plan, connect Husni again, the Airport Tarakan Juwata been coordinated with the city government and provincial governments in preparation for the Malaysia Airlines international flights to Tarakan. The reason for these international flights, the airport will ask the city government and provincial governments to provide subsidies so that they feel lightened.

While between the airport by Malaysia Airlines alone, are now carried out an intense coordination. Even the Malaysian Airlines declared ready to go to Tarakan because the aircraft will be used when flying was already ready.

"We just asked the readiness of ground. For example to check-in room, office space and others, "she exclaimed. According rencanaya, flights to Malaysia was carried out 4 times a week. "But if it's load factor was already good, will most likely be done every day," said Husni.

Indeed, continued Husni again, during the time entrepreneurs who have business to Malaysia, when using speedboats transportation is often treated as if they are the TKI (Indonesian workers). "In the future we will continue to seek international flights, not only to Malaysia, but to other countries as well. Because according to plan the new terminal, has been very supportive, "he said.

The structure of the new terminal building being built is composed of two sides, namely the domestic terminal and international specialized terminals equipped with four garbarata. "God willing, the first phase of construction will be completed in 2012," he concluded. (Ddq)

Source: Radar Tarakan (February 19, 2010)
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