Lion Air Starting Simulation in Tarakan

Tarakan Borneo, ROUTE Tarakan - Jakarta and Jakarta - Tarakan direct a new idol for the airline in Indonesia. After Batavia Air, Lion Air is now following a plan to fly a fleet on the route. Prepared the fleet of Boeing 737 - 900ER, with passenger numbers of around 200 people.

Rachimsyah, Plt Station Manager of Lion Air, Tarakan mention the current flight plan route related licensing Tarakan - direct Jakarta is already complete. Now, to stay execution of internal preparation undertaken Lion in both Jakarta and Tarakan. "The simulation is carried out with a road like mengalkulasikan speed check-in process, and the readiness of the IT technology equipment. For IT, we bring in technicians who will install his line, "said Boim, Rachimsyah close calls.

Process, said Boim done so that ground crew could not shocked when Lion Air inaugural flight Jakarta - Tarakan began to be implemented. To note, Lion Air is not really a new airline that serves the needs of air transportation in Tarakan. Because, in the year 2007 before the vacuum Lion Air, the airline became one of the public choice Tarakan. "For the reservation itself, has actually been opened but while this is only a few agents who can see (about 5 agents, Red). While sub-agent, still in the exploratory process. From that, we'll go to them directly, "he said.

Lion Air Boeing 737 - 900ER, will fly from Jakarta at 02:40 local time and arrived at Tarakan at 06:15 local time. Meanwhile, take off from the International Airport Tarakan Class 1 Special Juwata 07.00 local time and arrive in Jakarta at 08:30 local time. "Certainly for this inaugural flight, the price promo. And, the range is not far from the promo price of other airlines serving this route, "Boim told reporters the light of this newspaper, yesterday.

Technically, this aircraft has a carrying capacity of about 4 tons already including baggage and cargo. There are two classes, ie, business class and economy. Can transport 205 passengers a total of 195 people consisting of economic sheet and 10 sheets of business. "Why did we choose this route? Obviously because the prospect is good, and why am because we consider the ease of connecting flight passengers will do, "he said.

Meanwhile, Head International Airport Tarakan Class 1 Special Juwata H Husni Djau disclose the Lion Air Boeing 737 - 900ER will increase choice for people who want to travel to Tarakan directly without having to transit in Jakarta with a fairly competitive price. In addition, these aircraft will also print a new history of commercial aviation in particular for Airport Tarakan Tarakan Juwata. 'The aircraft is a plane that can land at most airports our maximum. Because, it is still a long runway is 2250 feet while flying or landing, this type of foundation needed along the 1.8 kilometers (km), "she added.

However, after the process of developing a 2500-meter runway with a width of 45 meters after the year 2012, the airport can be landed Juwata or narrow body aircraft such as Airbus wide-bodied Boeing 330 or 767. (Urgently Required)

Source: Radar Tarakan (March 26, 2010)
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