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Tarakan Borneo - Sunarti citizens Markoni, Tarakan credible sightings is able to catch the dragon as a god who is believed Quan in mobile phone (cell phone) his property.

The photos were taken a week earlier, precisely on Saturday (20/2/2010), when Sunarti pose with their children in the house. Dedi, Sunarti sister in law who took the photo, was surprised because there are images in the camera image is not Sunarti with his son.

In the photo it looks the picture the head of a scaly dragon. In the body of the dragon there are some human head. Sunarti also surprised to see that in the photo bukanlan he and his son but the dragon's head. Furthermore, Sunarti could ask for more photos and change her clothes. However, up to three times repeated, the image still shows a dragon image.

In the capture of the fourth and fifth, then the picture looks dim. Sunarti confess, before a photo with his son, he had indeed been amazed at the beauty of its form tepekkong pagoda roof in the form of a dragon.

Tarakan dragon sighting phenomenon is justified by the guards Toa Pek Kong Temple of Confucius. Suwarno, Confucius Temple guard Toa Pek Kong after watching the image, claim kebenaranya. "Yeah, it's true dragon as a god who is believed Im Quan. I say this is true because I've also seen a dragon like this in the temple," he said. (*)

Dragon sighting means Blessing for Sunarti and Tarakan

According to Toa Pek Kong Temple guards, mobile phone camera owners Sunarti (phone), which managed to record the appearance of a dragon image will get a blessing, Friday (26/2/2010).

Confucius Temple guards, Toa Pek Kong, Suwarno said Sunarti with his family will get a blessing, fortune, safety. "Her Sunarti will be photographed with the officers," said Suwarno.

In addition, Suwarno also said it also means the appearance of the town of Tarakan will become a more developed city. "It can be estimated Kaltara provinces (North Borneo, red) will be formed immediately," he said. (*)

Residents Tionghoa: Dragon Appearance Not Engineering

The phenomenon of the appearance of dragons in the camera cellular phone (mobile) belonging to citizens Markoni, surprising residents Tionghoa in Tarakan. Dragon trusted as a vehicle Quan Im god.

Thomas, one citizen center Tionghoa mengakut shocked to see the appearance of the dragon. "I was shocked to see new times like this dragon. I saw the dragon image is true and not engineering," he said.

Similar also disclosed Chandra Wijaya who was also surprised like Thomas. "I see this is a picture of the dragon. Because there are dragon scales drawing people's heads. So instead of engineering. Because I also heard that the temple guards had seen a dragon descended from heaven and entered the temple," he said.

Friday (26/2/2010) Tarakan residents startled by the appearance of a dragon in the picture Sunarti. When Sunarti pose with their children, precisely the munul in these photos are not pictures Sunarti and children. But a picture of a dragon. (*)
* Report Tribun Kaltim Journalists, Junisah

Source: Tribun Kaltim 1 2 3 (February 26, 2010)
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