City Walk Redirected Close Islamic Center

Tarakan Borneo - Projects planned city walk city government (municipal government) Tarakan Mayor Joseph SK era, began to be realized this year ascertained. However, the location changes.

Initially, a special area reserved for pedestrians and in it has been beautifully designed garden that will be built around the airport or located around the back Juwata Office Animal Quarantine Station. But the latest information, the location was moved to Kampung Four or adjacent to the area Islamic Center (Masjid Raya MH).

"Essentially (the project city walk, Ed.) Continues, but the location is different from the original plan," said the Head of Office Cleaning, Gardening and Cemetery (DKPP) HM Radar Tarakan Julkifli to Thursday (25 / 2).

He submitted, at this time DKPP party who is designing a city walk will be built at the new location. Besides being equipped with a nice garden and pedestrian facilities, city walk will also be equipped with some supporting facilities.

"Comfort and beauty is our main concept," he said.

Before you do, DKPP also will conduct the auction process. Julkifli hope, in March will be the activities already started walking. "God willing, if there is no obstacle we have already started the project," he hoped.

He confessed, so far it has been coordinating the various constraints in the project to continue the long discourse. Including project-affected area residents, said Julkifli, was coordinated.

"Already at the beginning of the previous consultation so as not to hamper project we do," he explained.

Separately, Secretary of Commission III (responsible for development) DPRD Tarakan Supa'ad Hadianto justify the removal of the location of city walk.

These transfers are planned because of the location used for the construction of early aircraft control radar. Given the greater importance, September 2009, Parliament then requested permission from the municipal government to transfer the principle of location. Finally, it was agreed city walk in the village of Kampung Four removed, the surrounding area of the Islamic Center.

"The development of this city walk is a project in 2009 with a budget of Rp 3.8 billion. There is already a winner lelangnya too. But when would be processed, there was a problem, the location of the airport used for the development of a more important, so there is a transfer location, "beber Supa'ad Hadianto.

Although progress is delayed until 2010, she made sure the budget provided in the budget in 2009 can still be used because the existing auction winner. It's just admit, this development will be done in several stages, so the City DPRD Tarakan will propose increasing the number of budget. The additions proposed in the budget 2010 changes to the overall total development funds reached USD 9 billion.

"Budget year 2009 amounted to USD 3.8 billion was not enough so that most likely will increase the 2010 budget amendment. Additional budget will be proposed, according to the approximate total budget of nearly USD $ 9 billion is needed. Because of this gradual, Insha Allah go well, "he explained.

Supa'ad said, the city's parks can be used as a place of family recreation strived well developed, in addition there will be additional green open space around him to fulfill the mandate of the law (Act).

"In accordance with the results of the meeting, called upon DKPP immediately follow up this development has been running since at least March auction winner already exists. Automatic stay together for the contract between the winner of the auction with a budget in DKPP users, "he hoped.

"Workmanship is gradually starting from the landfill, development of land and physical development. Leading sector of this development is in accordance DKPP duties entrusted to do it. The better the expected settlement of the city there is much less open space, green space. Parliament is supporting this program because it was not for waste development budget. Because there has been careful planning as well as the benefits and usefulness of this city walk forward, "added Supa'ad Hadianto.

According to him, an estimated 2011 city walk can be utilized. In addition, Supa'ad said, because the region will be one of public facilities provided by local government for the people of Tarakan, such as used as an arena for sports and family recreation. He also added that until now no plans to withdraw charges in the area of the city walk. (* / Muz, * / DTA)

Source: Radar Tarakan (February 26, 2010)
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