BPLH-Medco program, 15 Thousand Mangrove Planting in Tarakan

Fight Climate Change Impacts

Tarakan Borneo - Taking advantage of the moment of Earth Day, April 22 this year, the City Government of Tarakan in this case the Environmental Management Agency (BPLH) in collaboration with PT Medco E & P Tarakan-Sembakung began a program of mangrove planting of 15 thousand seeds in a number of points at the Tarakan. Originally was planting a large number of mangrove seedlings in the outer regions of Mangrove Conservation Area and the proboscis monkey (KKMB). Implementation was attended by the Mayor of Tarakan Hianggio H Udin, Head of Department of Forestry, Mining and Energy (Dishutamben) Budi Setiawan, Head BPLH Subono, and Operations Manager of PT Medco E & P Tarakan-Sembakung Supreme Wibisono, representatives of youth organizations and others. "This also shows that Medco was not just a company that solely oriented to the oil and gas. But we are also concerned with the environment and the world, "Agung said Wibisono, Operations Manager of PT Medco E & P-Sembakung Tarakan, in between planting the mangrove seedlings spacing of 1 x 1 meter in KKMB, yesterday (22 / 4).

This activity is also a form of local government support and Medco to a national program to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by 26 percent until the year 2020 and Green East Kalimantan program, initiated by the governor of East Kalimantan. "Why did we choose the mangrove? Because the recommended BPLH, where the function of absorption of carbon dioxide to produce oxygen gas, the mangrove is the most good, "explained Great again.

Meanwhile, the head of Tarakan Ir BPLH Subono MT says in an effort to reduce the impact of climate change caused by greenhouse gases, the local government have started a preliminary study Tarakan to adopt action plans for adaptation and mitigation of climate change impacts. "This year is expected the action plan has been arranged," he explained.

At the national level, the action plan has been structured and has been adopted by the East Kalimantan provincial. "If the general and Tarakan in East Kalimantan, has been realized in the form of Green program in the province of East Kalimantan and One Man Five Tree," in short. (Urgently Required)

Source : Radat Tarakan (23 April 2010)
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