Become Tarakan Indonesia Entry Point SAIL 2011

Tarakan Borneo, Tarakan Hotel Swiss-Bell, - On Saturday and Sunday (10th - 11.04) has held meetings SAIL INDONESIA 2011 Work Plan, attended by several Heads of Regencies and municipalities in the territory of Indonesia

SAIL INDONESIA 2011, namely activities related to maritime and kebaharian Indonesia. In this activity, there will be cooperation between cities and counties whose territory is situated in the coastal sea and the formation of the National Marine Tourism Line. Moreover, it can raise the living standard of living in coastal areas in the economic aspects, education, motivation and innovation.

In Annual Work Plan was also discussed about the CAIT (Clearance Approval for Indonesian Territory), namely ease of access into the territory of Indonesia, and CIQP (Custom Immigration Quarantine Port), the process of immigration, customs and quarantine port.

These two things are important for travelers from foreign countries that use sailboat / yacht (yacht), which plans to come visit the town or district in coastal areas which have a port to use CIQP CAIT, and this, in order to facilitate the visitors sailors overseas (foreign sailor / yachter) prior to bersinggah at ports of destinations in SAIL INDONESIA 2011.

SAIL INDONESIA 2011 in Agenda, Tarakan become one of the destinations at once became the first city ENTRY POINT or visited in the Northern Territory of Indonesia. For that Tarakan expected to prepare and plan for all things related to the SAIL INDONESIA 2011, as in the tourism aspect and kebaharian.

The plan committee will hold an audition with the President or Vice President for this program to get the legal umbrella of Presidential Decree (Decree) so that SAIL INDONESIA may be fixed in the national agenda of national tourism program.

On Saturday night, held "Special Dialogue" in Tarakan TV, which was attended by Chairman of the DPRD Tarakan City, Effendi Djuprianto and Vice Mayor of Tarakan, Suhardjo Trianto with guests Committee SAIL INDONESIA 2011.

In Dialogue TSB, the Chairman of Yayasan Cinta Bahari Indonesia, Raymond Lesmana give the highest appreciation to all parties associated with the implementation of the Work Plan Meeting SAIL INDONESIA 2011 in Tarakan.

"I say thanks and highest appreciation to the City Government of Tarakan of terselenggarnya this event, hopefully the agenda SAIL INDONESIA 2011 can run smoothly and well," explained Raymond.

Still in the same occasion, Raymond hopes that the City Government of Tarakan kept clean and prepare the tourism sector to meet the program SAIL INDONESIA 2011. In Meetings And Work Plan was also discussed agenda BANDA SAIL 2010.

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Source: TarakanKota.Go.Id (12 April 2010)
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