Al-Amin Mosque Tarakan Almost sold out

At Fire at Radio Tanwir

Tarakan Borneo - Yesterday (14 / 2) at around 11:00 pm, Al-Amin mosque on Jl Yos Sudarso burned. Fortunately the fire was not until the widespread and only a singe space Tanwir At the radio studio, which was merged with the mosque. Provisional estimates, a fire caused by short circuits (short circuit).

One eyewitness, Amat allowed but not required (40) said, fire broke out around 11:00 pm. "At that time I was eating breakfast, then I see no smoke was thick out of the windows on the second floor. Right then I run away and call the people, but has started a large fire, "said the man whose house was opposite the mosque.

"Because the door was locked into the studio, we also are trying to extinguish the fire with a way to solve the studio window. Inside the studio there was no one at all. But the speed of the flames can not be circumvented. The fire spread quickly to sear all studio devices, "continued the man who resided at No. 04 RT 13 this. The same is also said to Muhammad Idrus Bara (51) and Latief, the board of Al-Amin mosque. "I'm still in the mosque (1st floor) when a fire," said Latief.

In the span of 20 minutes later, the Fire Department officers (FMD) with 6 PMK car arrived at the scene and immediately shutdown. "After getting our information directly to the location. Because of holidays and the road was fairly heavy, after 20 minutes and then we just got here. And immediately plunged to extinction. But apparently no one can be saved. All studio devices already sold out conflagration, "beber PMK chief of Tarakan, Hariyanto.

Finally apipun can be turned off after 20 minutes later, at around 11:45 Wite. "We hope for the future there should be early prevention readiness before they happen like this. Because the causes of fires are many and one of them is due to electrical short circuiting. As happened in the 2nd floor of the mosque of Al-Amin, the "light Hariyanto. Police own up to now was still examining several witnesses, to ensure the causes of these fires.

Separately, Chief Executive Officer, City of Tarakan Da'wah Muhammadiyah, Syamsi Sarman justify if a fire allegedly caused by electrical short circuit in the studio of the Radio At-Tanwir. "Because Studio Radio At-Tanwir was already 1 year is not executed. This is because still awaiting permission from the government. Perhaps because of short circuiting the end there is a fire, "said Syamsi.

He said the fortunate events in the 2nd floor was not until into the prayer hall on the 1st floor. Because the flow of electricity on the 2nd floor and 1st floor separately. So, no fire did not flare up everywhere. "In addition, with some people and Officer PMK who had worked hard to extinguish the fire, finally can go out without causing apipun casualties," he said. What is clear, he said these fires caused losses estimated at USD 150 million. "At least with this incident we can take a lesson. Order now significantly cautious and careful, "he said.

Fire rose to be a good spectacle of hundreds of citizens around the mosque of Al-Amin as well as passing. In addition to public officials and officers, PMK, some members of the Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP) and Police join forces to secure and control the burnout.

To note, At-Tanwir radio 103.2 FM was first established in 1995 at the mosque of Al-Amin on the initiative of scholars of Tarakan City Muhammadiyah. Radio studio with an area of approximately 2 x 6 meter has a slogan or motto of Walking Together In Da'wah Amar kindness Nahi unjust.

"But this last year the studio had to vacuum because of waiting for permission from the government's" one of the initiators of Radio At-Tanwir, Syamsi Sarman. Establishment of Radio Studio, located on Jl. Yos Sudarso RT. 11 2nd floor, Al-Amin Mosque Iron Bridge (Jembes) Eastern District of Tarakan, Tarakan City aims to support the mission fraught with challenges and obstacles. "Because it's not just preaching was done by face to face, but with different strategies and one of them on the radio," he explained.

Crew who are involved in running the Radio At-Tanwir about 7 people, a lot of Mosque Youth Association (IRMA), Al-Amin. Each crew has a duty and role of each in accordance with a broadcast job. "It's propaganda broadcasts, assesses, nasyid and others," he asserted.

Al-Amin Mosque itself is one of the oldest mosques in the town of Tarakan. Area of land approximately 30 x 30 meters which is located on Jl. Yos Sudarso RT 11 Iron Bridge (Jembes) Tarakan District East. This mosque was originally only musala. In 1983, Al-Amin musala turned into a mosque of Al-Amin. About the certainty of the founding of Al-Amin musala Syamsi plead not know exactly. "Development of Direct originally built 2nd floor as seen today," beber this man childless 4. The mosque is the land of waqf land foreman Joseph Gandut father who also lived in Iron Bridge. (* / Jaj / * / sur)

Source: Radar Tarakan (February 15, 2010)
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