After Prolonged Operation of The Ferry

Tarakan Borneo - Juata Sea ferry operator of ports again prolonged. Previously planned for February 26 is operated, but is expected to be inaugurated in March a new future. "It is prolonged. This delay caused some problems of ship letters that had died (no longer valid, ed), "said Head of Department of Transportation (Affair) Tarakan, Budi Prayitno, told Radar Tarakan, yesterday.

Nevertheless affirmed Budi, technically in the operation of the ferry had no problems. "We've been preparing for 12 personnel at the port and the physical preparation, we are ready, but depends on the readiness of Toli-Toli port," said Budi.

To note, Juata Sea ferry port is to temporarily serve the route-Toli-Toli Tarakan. Looking ahead, this port also serves the Tarakan-Bulungan. Furthermore, Budi said, the plan port located at Iskandar Adji was inaugurated by Governor of East Kalimantan Awang Faroek, beginning next March. "Settlement Administration to eat within 1 month. Moreover, the ship is technically operational problems did exist in the department membidanginya, including airworthiness cruise ships, "he said.

Although the government had confirmed that the ferry will serve the route-Toli-Toli Tarakan invent ferry-fated to be unlucky for the first time, the government will open the door if there is a ship managers who want to cooperate. "Under an agreement with the Mayor of Tarakan and ranks SKPD we still welcome it. Anyone who wish to enter the private sector to operate the fleet. Please, "he said.

To support the operations of the port, while some personnel are already stationed at the ferry port Juata. These personnel have undergone training and training. Currently, the ferry-fated to be unlucky for the first time they have waited for a decision in Balikpapan and Tarakan when leaving.

The existence of the ferry port is very supportive of the economy and transportation in Tarakan. Moreover, the city is only an island, and anywhere access depends only on the plane and ships. (* / Sur)

Source: Radar Tarakan (February 23, 2010)
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