Adipura Not Destination City Government of Tarakan

Tarakan Borneo - Raihan had won trophies Adipura Tarakan City since a few years later still far below the amount of Bontang, or more mirisnya, Tarakan was ranked at the bottom level on the criteria the city was winning trophies Adipura.

"Based on the developments from year to year, Tarakan position since last 2 years is still below the city of Bontang. Then when the national level, Tarakan is at a slightly lower order, although we did have got clean city, "said Ir Subono, MT, Head of Environmental Management Agency (BPLH) Tarakan City.

Adipura Cup by reaching for a city is an indicator of environmental physical conditions at the city's net assessed on its citizens and provide coolness. In addition, as an indicator of the success of urban environmental management (non-physical), which includes institutional, management, and responsiveness.

Although the City Government continues to pursue this, but said Subono, the municipal government makes no effort to achieve such a goal Adipura Cup municipal government. "We strive to always maintain the cleanliness and the coolness of the city rather than to clean city, but rather seeks to provide best services to the citizens of the community in this city compared to services in other cities," says Subono.

"Adipura was just one byproduct, as well as our tool to find out the cleanliness, beauty or shade of the city than from any other city. But its main purpose is to provide services in the field of hygiene and the shade of the city for the whole community Tarakan town, "he repeated.

He said that, some time ago, Tarakan Adipura survey team visited, from the visit, Raihan cleanliness in the city quite well, which is under 70. "It means in terms of hygiene management, we're still pretty. But now we must continue to work hard especially now more and more vendors popping up on highway pavements, due to seasonal fruit, "he said.

From today's conditions, Subono Tarakan expect all citizens would be able to maintain sanitary conditions in the city. "Yes, the aim is not to clean city, but how we can provide the beauty in this city. So that we get on a healthy life, "said Subono. (* / Sur)

Source: Radar Tarakan (February 13, 2010)
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